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Welcome to our Tic Tac Skateboard School, the place where you can learn new skills, meet new friends and feel accomplished after every lesson. Take a look at our courses and where we provide our lessons, read about our coaches, visit our online shop for mini ramps and grind rails we make and get in touch to find out more. We are very unique in how we deliver our lessons as we cover mindfulness and understand each and every students needs, we specialise in CBT using the skateboard as the medium. Very effective and positive for every student that attends our lessons. After every set of 6 lessons fulfilled we reward you for keeping your loyalty card safe.

Skateboarding is life.

We cover a vast area of the UK, from Maidenhead to Brighton, Reigate to Caterham, Henfield to Alton and more, so simply email us to see if we can provide lessons at a skatepark near you.


Fun & Rewarding.

Turn fun lessons into Rewards by completing 6 stamps on your reward card, and collect reward cards for bigger and better,
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We are a proud member of Skateboard England.


We are a membership based and not-for-profit organisation set up to improve, support and develop skateboarding across England and Wales.
Our aims include encouraging the development of world-class facilities, helping community groups get local skate parks built, create accredited coaching courses, run competitions and events, and much more.
The organisation is run with skaters needs in mind, so we want to hear from you about what improvements you would like to see for skateboarding in England and Wales. The more information we have the more we can do to help.
We are continually developing coaching, competitive pathways, events, facility partnerships and information about skateboarding in England & Wales, so check back regularly for new updates.
Run by skateboarders, for skateboarders.

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