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Guest interview #2

Hi what is your name and how old are you?

Callum. 13

Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do, why have you started to skateboard and how long have you been skating?

I have been skating for about 3/4 of a year. I actually started skating when I was very young. But never anything serious. And I just started again now because it’s fun and is something active to do

How does it feel to do something as cool as skateboarding?

Good. It makes me feel different.

How do your friends and family think about it? About you starting a crazy pastime at this stage of your life?

My family think it’s great. Gives me something to do really. And my friends also all skate so think it’s cool aswell.

Have you had any injuries since you started? And if so has it deterred you from skateboarding in anyway?

I have. Nothing seriously bad yet. Only twisted ankles and cut elbows, but no. It hasn’t deters me in any way. It has made me come back stronger

How has skating changed you as a person?


What do you think about skateboarding being in the olympics now?

I think it’s great as it opens the sport up to loads of people and also gives young kids someone to idolise and make them work harder at being great.

What’s your opinion on the girls skate scene now?

I think it is much better than it used to be. And there are girls like Nora Vasconsellos who are as good as any other male pro and maybe even better.

Where do you see yourself in the skate scene in 10 years time?

Skating for fun with my friends. Nothing serious. I don’t want to go pro or be sponsored I think it’s too much work.

What advice would you give anyone just starting out, either young or old, to help them keep skating?

Work hard. Commit. And get back up.

Do you think A skate School is a good way of learning? And coaching is needed in skateboarding now?

I think it’s a great way of learning to skate. But coaching I dont think is the most necessary as there is YouTube and the internet to teach you. A teacher just refines your technique really.

Any final words you would like everyone to know about how you feel about skateboarding? I love it. 😄


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