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Guest Interview #6

My name is autumn and I'm 2.

I skate because I love it. I got my first board at 6 months and started playing around. I have only really got into it in January this year!

When I'm on a skateboard I feel like I'm flying.

My friends and family are so supportive and proud. I like to skate with new people and have made loads of friends through skating.

I fall off all the time..I have always got bruises and scrapes but I learnt how to fall young and I know to go to my knees. I also jump off if I'm not balanced!

Skating has made me much more brave..I'm not scared of anything. I'm always outside too so I dont have too much time for tv!

I love that skateboarding is in the Olympics now.. I want to be just like sky!

I love skating with girls. I'm really lucky that I bump into a couple of girls in brighton like poppy and ruby who i love watching. I have also made friends on america and hope to skate with penny tomorrow!

In 10 years time i just want to be having fun....

And skating with my mum will have to stay at home!!

Advice i would give is be brave, watch other girls skating on youtube, be supportive, put yourself out there and respect other skaters but watching out for them. Skating is a family to me and I love how.much everyone looks out for everyone. I love when people clap for me!

I think skate schools are amazing, I just wish they would take younger kids. My mum "teaches" me but she not very good so I have to watch a lot of skate videos to learn. I dont think you can be too young to skate! I am definitely going to start with coaches when I'm bigger.