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Guest interviews #1

What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Lisa and I am 30 years old!

Tell us a little about yourself, what do you do, why have you started to skateboard and how long have you been skating?

I am a shop manager working with volunteers of all ages and disabilities.

I started skateboarding around 2000, I don’t really know how I originally got into it I just always remember having a cool purple cruiser board hanging around, which later developed into skating every weekend and later having a half pipe in the back garden!

I skated for about 5 years with my sister then we stopped for about 15 years due to college, university and work commitments.

We both recently got back into it these past few years and which has been great for our relationship and because the community of skating has grown so much, we have social media now so meeting people is easier; And it’s great to see the girls doing there bit too, because when me and my sister first started we never heard of any local girl skaters, we seemed to be the only ones!

How does it feel to do something as cool as skateboarding?

I love that I skate, it’s something different and people don’t expect it!

How do your friends and family think about it? About you starting a crazy pastime at this stage of your life?

My family have always been supportive no matter what I wanted to do; me and my sister both quit ballet to skate, I think my parents thought it was just a “tomboy faze” but they have always supported us and are proud no matter what.

Have you had any injuries since you started? And if so has it deterred you from skateboarding in anyway?

A lot of bruises, a few sprained ankles and wrists but thankfully never broke a bone! nothing like that’s deterred me from skating, I don’t think it would, because I enjoy it so much!

How has skating changed you as a person? 

I have social anxiety, skating has been a great help, because you meet people with a similar interest and if it gets awkward you can just skate away… fast! Haha!

What do you think about skateboarding being in the olympics now? 

I think it’s about time! Look at the talent!

What’s your opinion on the girls skate scene now?

Going from being the only two girls at the skate park back in 2000, to now, wow I’m so proud of the girl skate scene, so glad I got back on my board and became part of it! Girls supporting girls is very rare, but in the skate scene I’ve never heard or seen anything but support for each other! It’s truly amazing!

Where do you see yourself in the skate scene in 10 years’ time?

40 and still trying to axel stall! …

What advice would you give anyone just starting g out, either young or old, to help them keep skating?

The feeling you get when you finally land that trick is the best feeling in the world…

Never stop trying, do it because you love it, don’t be afraid to ask someone for advice and bend your knees!

Do you think A skate School is a good way of learning? And coaching is needed in skateboarding now?

Defiantly! I think without that some people wouldn’t even start! And with it becoming an Olympic sport, were going to need more!

Any final words you would like everyone to know about how you feel about skateboarding?

In the words of limp bizkit…keep rollin rollin rollin… kids these days wont know what that even means!

hope thats ok! thanks!

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