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Parent and child #7

Hi what is your name and whose parent are you?

Kirsty, I’m Theo’s mum

How long has your child been skating?

Theo has been practicing in the house for months but for a term with Tic Tac

What do you think about them skateboarding? Are you not worried they might hurt themselves?

I’m so pleased that Theo has finally found his passion. I did think he might have hurt himself worse than the few bumps he’s had but he’s not fazed and gets straight back up.

What got your child into skateboarding?

He’s had a board at home for months and after deciding my furniture and steps had had enough battering I fb searched and found Tic Tac starting up.

Do you think it’s a positive pastime? Even with all the stigma surrounding skateboarding?

Oh for sure! Theo didn’t know anyone at all at the start. He’s overcome his shyness and now he’s happy to mix with new friends. He comes away after each lesson exhilarated.

What do you think of Tom the Tic Tac Skate Coach? And how has his presence helped your child regarding skateboarding?

Tom’s great! His passion is infectious! Theo has really warmed to him and he’s now a bit of a legend in our house! He’s great at getting the kids to support each other. He really gets down to their level and they all love his fist bumps!

Can you imagine not being around skateboarding you or your child now?

No not at all. It’s a great way to start our Saturday. Theo really looks forward to it every week.

What do you think you could contribute to the Tic Tac skate school?

As long as it doesn’t require me getting on a skateboard I’m happy to support the school in any way I can.

What valuable life skills do you think your child has learnt from skateboarding?

If you keep trying you’ll get there in the end!! It’s made Theo more determined, social, inclusive and respectful.

And finally, would you recommend skateboarding to anyone who has never tried it?

Oh for sure. It’s a great buzz says Theo xx

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