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Parent and Child #8

Hi what is your name and whose parent are you?  Lauren, Zac’s mom.
How long has your child been skating?  Zac started about a month ago with Tic Tac as a total beginner. 
What do you think about them skateboarding? Are you not worried they might hurt themselves?I was thrilled that Zac wanted to learn to skateboard. I love that he is pushing his boundaries, trying something new that is exhilarating. All activities carry an element of risk, but with Tom’s guidance and proper safety gear, I am confident it is minimised.
What got your child into skateboarding?Zac has been fascinated with skateboarding from many visits to California (my home) and Australia (my husband’s home). We would spend hours watching them on the boardwalks and skateparks when he was little. When I saw Tom’s post on Facebook, we leapt at the chance for him to learn properly. 
Do you think it’s a positive pastime? Even with all the stigma surrounding skateboarding? 
I really believe it’s a positive pastime. Being outdoors and being active and constantly pushing yourself to try new things is the best lesson for kids. I also really like how supportive all the skateboarders are of each other. I can see there is a wonderful community that is inclusive and accepts all types of people.
What do you think of Tom the Tic Tac Skate Coach? And how has his presence helped your child regarding skateboarding?We are thrilled to have found Tom and Tic Tac Skate School! Tom is a very patient, supportive and a fun teacher that makes each student feel special. I can see how they all thrive under his coaching and progress quickly with new skills. He was born to teach! 
Can you imagine not being around skateboarding you or your child now? I think it will be part of lives from now on, he is so motivated to practice and learn and get better. 
What do you think you could contribute to the Tic Tac skate school?Hopefully we can spread the word and encourage more people (young and old) to try it out. I also hope that Zac will be a good ambassador for the sport, and always be supportive of others. 
What valuable life skills do you think your child has learnt from skateboarding?That it’s important to take risks and push yourself, even when it’s a little scary. 
And finally, would you recommend skateboarding to anyone who has never tried it? Absolutely - we are already spreading the word to anyone and everyone. 
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