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Parent and child interview #11

Hi what is your name and whose parent are you? 

James, Jack’s dad. 

How long has your child been skating? 

Jack has been skating for about 2 to 3 weeks before meeting Tom at the skate park in Ascot, where Tom introduced himself and invited Jack along to Tic Tac.  Jack was really excited and has since commenced his first set of lessons.

What do you think about them skateboarding? Are you not worried they might hurt themselves?

Jack totally loves learning new skateboarding skills and he is constantly growing in confidence.  

I’m not worried about Jack hurting himself as they have to wear safety gear and Tom is always supervising and assisting where necessary.

What got your child into skateboarding?

Seeing it on YouTube.  Buying a skateboard and having a go, then meeting Tom and coming along to Tic Tac.

Do you think it’s a positive pastime? Even with all the stigma surrounding skateboarding? 

Absolutely.  It is a great sport that increases confidence, enables you to meet new people, learning respect for others – waiting your turn and having fun!

What do you think of Tom the Tic Tac Skate Coach? And how has his presence helped your child regarding skateboarding?

Tom is a great inspiration for both the kids and adults.  He encourages everyone to fulfil their full potential, whilst having fun.

Can you imagine not being around skateboarding you or your child now? 

No, it is now part of Jack’s life and he looks for to spending time skating.

What do you think you could contribute to the Tic Tac skate school?

Enthusiasm and support for my son and other kids taking part.

What valuable life skills do you think your child has learnt from skateboarding?

Respect for others – taking turns to skate in safety, being part of a team, meeting new people and becoming more confident in general.

And finally, would you recommend skateboarding to anyone who has never tried it? 

Yes, definitely, it’s a great sport and lots of fun.

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