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Parent and child interview #4

Hi what is your name and whose parent are you?

I am Fiona and mum to Henry (11)

How long has your child been skating?

Henry got his first skateboard about 2 years ago but it sat in the shed unused until 6 weeks ago when Tom started the Tic Tac skate school.

What do you think about him skateboarding? Are you not worried they might hurt themselves?

Skateboarding has really taken Henry out of his comfort zone,it is so physical and he has to focus. I am worried that he will get hurt, in fact he has had some proper falls but he keeps getting back on the board and going again. I love the fact that he just keeps persevering.

What got your child into skateboarding? Was it your influence or...

I originally signed Henry up to the Tic Tac Skate classes but his dad loved skateboarding when he was younger and now they have a shared passion. My husband has also started skateboarding with Tom in the Silver Surfer group.

Do you think it’s a positive pastime? Even with all the stigma surrounding skateboarding?

I don’t think skateboarding should be viewed negatively, it is great fun, and highly energetic - in an age where a