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Parent and child interview #9

Hi what is your name and whose parent are you?

I am Mark, Libby’s Dad

How long has your child been skating?

A few years but only a couple

of months with tuition.

What do you think about them skateboarding? Are you not worried they might hurt themselves?

Any sport that gets a child enthusiastic about moving and getting outside is great. Skateboarding has some risk but that is how we develop, push to the limit of ability and confidence and grow.

Do you think it’s a positive pastime? Even with all the stigma surrounding skateboarding?

Yes, there are some elements which are not ideal but they exist whether you get involved or not and are not limited to skateboarding. The new parks and centres being built are amazing and skaters are pushing the boundaries - it’s an Olympic sport!

What do you think of Tom the Tic Tac Skate Coach? And how has his presence helped your child regarding skateboarding?

Tom has completely changed the way kids and adults engage in skateboarding - his ‘you can do it’ attitude is empowering. For kids to have somewhere to go and learn new skills is amazing. For adults to engage in a sport that has been the domain of kids for the past 50 years is truly epic.

Can you imagine not being around skateboarding you or your child now?

I think Libby would sleep with her deck if I let her, so no!

What do you think you could contribute to the Tic Tac skate school?

Am always there to help out whether it be with a broom or an ice pack!