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Simon Passey with his Silver Surfer interview

Hi what is your name and how old are you?

Simon Passey and I'm 45.

How does it feel to do something as cool as skateboarding? Amazing! Re-learning tricks I could (just about) do as a youngster feels awesome. Learning new ones I hadn't really tried feels even better.

How do your friends and family think about it?

They are generally very supportive. I say I'm addressing my midlife crisis and they are usually relieved I didn't buy a motorbike.

Have you had any injuries since you started?

The first time I went skating (after around 30 years not skating), I got cocky doing shove-it's and ended up losing my board from under me and landing on my side from what must've been quite a height. I bruised ribs, did my hip in and felt like a right plonker. It took a while to get back to it after that and the next shove-it attempt was terrifying. I made it though and have rightly been a lot more cautious since. My old bones can't take it.

How has skating changed you as a person?

I'm not sure it has (yet). But despite starting again after a very long break, the things I loved about it are all still there. The camaraderie shown from complete strangers when you land something, no matter how bad you are, is a beautiful thing and I try to pass that feeling on if I can.

What do you think about skateboarding being in the olympics now? I love watching it so it suits me just fine. I also love the fact that all competitors treat it like they are at their local park and still get stoked for each other when a sick run or trick is done. It should be a lesson for all sports.

What’s your opinion on the girls skate scene now?The more the merrier.

Where do you see yourself in the skate scene in 10 years time?

Pro. Ok seriously, I hope I'm still just having fun with it. I also hope to have a bit more confidence as currently I'm only hitting the skatepark with my wingman in tow (cheers Tone).

What advice would you give anyone just starting out, either young or old, to help them keep skating?

Don't be afraid to speak to others as everyone is (or has been) in the same boat. I am yet to witness anyone not being supportive of others regardless of age, colour or background. It's part of the reason I'm back doing it now.

Do you think a skate school is a good way of learning? And coaching is needed in skateboarding now?

I didn't at first but having attended a few silver surfer sessions, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now so totally get it. Also Tom's way of teaching is very refreshing as it's not just technical advice but almost spiritual stuff too. And it works!

Any final words you would like everyone to know about how you feel about skateboarding?I am very happy I chose to come back to it. From the feeling of learning new stuff to making new friends through it. For anyone who is even vaguely interested, I couldn't recommend it more if I tried.

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