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Supporting Skater Owned Shops #1

So what is the name of your skate shop where is it and how long has it been open?

The Boardroom we opened in 2010 and its located in Dorking Surrey

Why did you decide to open a skate shop? And what is the secret to your success?

We decided to open a skate shop because we loved skateboarding growing up and it started from a crazy idea that we followed through, secret to success is do stuff dont just say your going to do stuff actually do it

Do you still skateboard? If so fav place to go skate?

Yes now and again when I have time and the weather is good! I like it down chart downs because it's out the way quiet and the box is fun, back in the day Crawley was the place to be behind the leisure centre

What do you think of the skate shop industry since you opened your shop? How has trends changed?

Trends are changing all the time we started off selling skateboards and vinyl because that is what we were into, now we have adapted to keep the shop going

What advice would you give to the kids who want the best products these days?

Make do with what you have you dont need the best equipment to be the best skater

Does your shop have a bargain bin?

We have a sale rail yes 50% off

Would you give old skate parts to kids who needed them coming in daily?

Most people keep there bits so we never have any to give away if we do have bits we give them away tho

What advice would you give to young skateboarders these days based on your opinion on skateboarding?

Do more of what makes you happy, no matter what level your at as long as your having fun keep doing it

thanks for reading

The Boardroom, Dorking

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