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the story of skateboarding...

In Summer 2022 we went away for a few days camping at Wellington Country park. Wellington is somewhere we have camped at a few times and is a favourite with the kids (Jack who at the time was 8 and Tilly who was 5), when camping you get access to the park after hours which is loads of fun.

With it being Easter we were aware Wellington country park were doing some extra activities but we hadn’t paid attention to the detail and wasn’t aware what actually what these were. I can remember the kids seeing the ramps and instantly being interested, skateboarding isn’t something they had come across up to this point. I did a little bit of skateboarding in my late teens (nothing serious) but I was quite happy when they showed an interest and I encouraged them to have ago especially as it was free!

After watching one of the lessons Jack was very keen to have a go and queued up for the next session, Tilly suffers with anxiety and at times a lack of confidence, especially doing things without mummy or daddy and although she wanted to have a go she was very nervous and this resulted in her getting very upset and not taking part. Jack joined the lesson and came away absolutely hyped he was buzzing for the rest of the day from just the 20 minute introduction. Tom was a great teacher, he captured the kids attention and in a safe and controlled manor got the kids flipping and standing on the boards (pancake flips) and then holding their hands got them on the ramps going up and down. I personally would of loved to of got on a board at the time and joined in but unfortunately earlier that morning my back had gone and I was hobbling around (we very nearly didn’t go away camping because of it)

The following day Tilly had worked up the courage to give skate boarding ago (Jack was more than happy to go again to look after his sister, but I think it was more so he could have another go) Tilly was getting upset again as we waited our turn. When it was our turn, Tom was fantastic. He listened to us about Tilly’s anxiety and was great with her. He took his time and really engaged with Tilly and it wasn’t long until she was smiling and laughing and jumping on the board and going up the ramps.

We hung about after the lesson to speak to Tom as we were so impressed how he was with Tilly and how she responded to him. She seem to take to Tom and Skateboarding quicker and with less anxiety then anything else she had tried. We learnt that he actually teaches near where we live (West Sussex) and have taken the kids regularly to Tom’s lessons at different skate parks over the last year and since my recovery with my back I have attended his silver surfer lessons and got back onto a skate board.

We were really pleased to see skateboarding offered as one of the sports to try at Wellington Country Park. Neither Jack or Tilly are the classic sporty/footballing kids and since there first go at skateboarding they really enjoy it. They get a lot out it, from a physical aspect but also the camaraderie and attitude of the fellow students, everyone in the classes understand everyone is on their own journey with skateboarding and everyone is always encouraging of everyone else no matter of their level of ability. This is one of the great things Tom brings to his lessons.

I couldn’t recommend Tic Tac skate school highly enough for all ages, Its so much more than just learning skateboarding, Tom really has an amazing outlook on life and passes this onto to all his students.

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