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The Tic Tac Story

Hi everyone, we thought we would share with you the story how Tic Tac came about and a little history about Tom

Tic Tac Skate School was born out of anziety and depression beleiev it or not. Tom suffers from Anxiety and depression and was unable to go to any skateparks, and do what he has always loved doing since the age of 11, back in 2019.

He was put on the spot when his ex girlfriends daughter wanted to learn how to skate so he had to step up and take her to the local skatepark. This was the lightbulb moment becasue when he was there, all though he was not skating as much for himself he found that helping others was just as rewarding and helped him start to feel happier about being at the skatepark.

As time progressed and SBGB started to roll out their instructor course he applied and passed it. Battling anxiety all the way through he conqured alot of his inner demons, to keep beleiving in what he wanted to do with his life and that was to help others understand that skateboarding can save your life when in times of distress and loosing your way, that piece of wood and 4 wheels will always make you happy.

So when teaching his ex girlfriends daughter, she was petrified about dropping int a flat bank so he paused and decided to talk to her and get her attention and use this to distract jher to help her over come her fears, he asked her to think of somthing she really liked, she couldnt answer and he promted her saying something like sweets or cakes, and she answered, Tic Tacs, and in that moment he helped her drop in and kept her safe. This is how the name came about and as it was an orginal move on the skateboard it was perfect.

Tom got his foirst skateboard when he was 11 for his 11th birthday, wlked out of the shop and stood on it at the top of the mellow path back to his parents car, and off he went down the hill, going too fast now to jump off he stayed on and rolled of the kerb onto the road and stayed on and that was it, hooked forever.

What we help our students understand that there is no right way or wrong way to skate, its just your way and thats the beauty about skateboarding nobody can tell you, you are doing it wrong beacasue its subjective to the skater in how they see it, full creativity!

Believe in the skateboard and it will reward you for the rest of your life.

Not every classroom has 4 walls

Thanks for reading and hope to see you join us at Tic Tac Skate School someday soon

Still to this day Tom suffers anxiety but its become more managable because of the joy and happiness he has helped others see in skateboarding.