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Our incredible team is truly the heart of Tic-Tac Skate School. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about our team.

We consider ourselves family

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Tom Johnston

The Captain

Tom Johnston has been skateboarding since he was 11 years old. He built his first ramp at 12 and continued to follow his passion all the way through his life.

Tom has been skating for more than 30 years. Back in the day he was sponsored by The Hideaway Skateshop in Coleraine where he was flowed Ipath shoes, boards and clothes.

Tom helped build the ramps for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, the Gumball Rally, Nass Festival as well as Rush Skatepark in Stroud with several different ramp building companies.

He then moved onto building concrete skateparks for 5 years with Wheelscape, where he tavelled all over the UK and even to Israel and Norway.

Even when everyone said to leave skateboarding and go and do something worthwhile, he never gave up believing in skateboarding, and it shows in his way of coaching.

Tom came up with the idea of Tic Tac Skate School as a way of helping maintain positivity in his own mental health. He found that teaching his girlfriend’s daughter to skate, he could get outdoors and being around skating again helped to combat his anxiety problems.

Just read the recommendations on the Facebook page to see for yourself how much he has helped skaters both young and old.


Liam Danish Palmer

Skateboard England Qualified Tic Tac Course Instructor

Danish has been with Tic-Tac Skate School from the very begining.
Liam Danish Palmer
Aged 31
Skated since I was 13
Sponsored by pariah skateboards
Favourite skaters:
Simon Turton 
Snir Kovshi 
Tiago Lemos
Daewon Song
Why skateboarding? I love to skateboard, to push myself and others beyond what I and we sometimes believe to be possible. It helps to relieve my life stresses and strains and gives me something to focus on other than the everyday. I love the joy and creativity, I love that you can just be you, you do what you want, how you want and where you want, I love the community, I love the journey it has taken me on and I look forward to the journey that is still to come, I love to meet and skate with everybody that shares the same passion up and down the country and across the world, I love to get at my pals and get out to the parks and the streets and either chill or skate as hard as I can, but most of all, I love to just get out on those 4 wheels, get hyped, learn, progress and smile.


Tom Moran

Skateboard England Qualified Tic Tac Course Instructor

My name is Tom I’m 29 years old I’ve been skating for 15 years I have a true passion for passing on my support to the younger generation as I am very aware that skateboarding has only a future in In the Young but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start learning at the age of 52 as my greatest hero Tony Hawk said “I’ll stop skating when my body gives out way before my mind will ever“ my preferred style of skating is bowl and transition/Vert i’m a strong believer in pushing yourself mentally and that can always be achieved by great Instruction and leadership my current ambition is not just to push younger and older generations through skating but to fly like an Eagle and bring everyone along with the journey 

Always skate and destroy ! 


Joe Saunders

Freestyle Skate Course Instructor

We’re happy to welcome Joe Saunders as the Freestyle facilitator to our team. As our Freestyle Skate Course Instructor, Joe is committed to providing students with the skills and tools necessary to continue their learning journey on many different levels.


Matt Davey

Skateboard England Qualified Tic Tac Course Instructor

Name: Matt Davey
Age: 44
From: Cornwall but live in Hastings, East Sussex area.
Started skating: 1988
Influences: Joe “The Pro” Sandland, Danny Way, Omar Hassan, anyone that gets fun & enjoyment out of skating.
Rational: I skate because I love it and by default anyone that skates in my mind is a good, decent and open minded person until they proof to me other wise.
Comps & Awards: Winner Masters Red Bull, Battle of Hastings 2014; 3rd Monster, Battle of Hastings Masters, Hastings Sports Personality of the Year 2010.  I have since 2002 organised skate comps in Hastings under various names , Battle of Hastings, Beachy Shred etc

Background: Professional youth worker for 20 years and I used to teach skating to Looked After Children, Home Educated young people, hard to reach young people. Originally in 1999 I got a job teaching skateboarding on at the local FE College in Hastings and have 20 years experience. Now thanks to Skateboard England I ‘m a qualified skateboard instructor. I hope to pass on my passion to anyone willing to try skateboarding...



Skateboard England Qualified Tic Tac Course Instructor

Karl is 55 year old veteran with a wealth of experience who has been skating since 1976. He has seen many changes a in the skate scene over the years and has always maintained his love of skating. These days his skating is mostly bowls and transition based in a bid reduce injury and extend his skating career  as long as possible. Karl recently found a new way to enjoy skating when teaching his daughter and some friends how to skate. He  decided to take the Skateboard England coaching course so he could pass on his love of the sport to others of all ages.
Karl feels  " Skating is a sport with no winners no losers and no cheating,  it's just all about pushing yourself and each other, I can't ever imagine my life without skating in it , teaching is a great way to stay involved" .

Stacey Wallis


Millie Marriott

Oxford Course Instructor

Age: 24

Started skating: Aged 21 

Favourite skater: Nora Vasconcellos 

Originally from worcestershire, I moved to Oxford for University and not long after I started skateboarding

Although only having a relatively short skateboarding journey so far I think everything about it is amazing, from the personal rewards to the people you meet along the way. Skateboarding for me is creative, challenging, rewarding and a crazy collective of people from all walks of life with one passion in common. That is why I love coaching skateboarding - to help grow the mega community with more wonderful people of all ages and abilities, allowing them to progress, achieve, find their own individuality and lifelong friends along the way.

I have a degree in Coaching and Physical Education and have helped grow the girls Oxford skate scene. The inclusive nature of skateboarding is like no other I've experienced and I can only hope to help others experience it too! 


Camsell Downing

Skateboard England Qualified Tic Tac Course Instructor

I began skateboarding when I was 11, having that first mind blowing moment pushing along and rolling down a tiled path and suddenly feeling the world shift around me. At that point I knew that skateboarding was important, since that moment I have come to realise what an anchor it is, always grounding me when the world is confusing or difficult or giving me a space to celebrate with friends when I'm feeling good.  I have always been quite a cautious/nervous skater but with the backing of a supportive community I've found myself pushing my comfort zone is all sorts of different directions. This is one of the places where Skateboarding has such a powerful influence on your life, reminding you it's okay to fall, and that it's crucial to get back up and keep pushing! My mission is to create safe, comfortable spaces for everyone to be able to give skating a go, and to feel the pull of a good community with the creativity of skating world.


Matt Sleat

Trainee Course Instructor

Matt Sleat

Age: 28

Started skating at 14

Style: Goofy, Street

Favourite skaters:

Evan Smith

Cata Diaz

Mike Mo

Daewon song

Paul Rodriguez 

I got my first skateboard at the age of 7 and it was an action man fishtail, yea i was that cool!

I used skateboards as a mode of transport for a long time before i took serious interest in street skating.

The first thing i ever remember about skateboarding was the legendary game that is Tony Hawks Pro Skater. After playing the series of games for years i finally found a few friends to take up the sport with and the story unfolds from there. 

Skateboarding has always been an outlet for me, a time to meditate and relax, a time i could clear my head and just focus on having fun and learning. I figured out from a young age, through skateboarding, that things don’t always come easily and practice and persistence will inevitably help me grow in anything i tried.

This year (2020) has been exceptionally bad for me but through a long time but distant friend, i was invited on board to Tic Tac Skateschool. I accepted with great excitement! 

Now i hope to use my knowledge and personality to help people of all ages and backgrounds, so that they can get the same exercise and excitement i get from skateboarding every time i step onto that grip-tape! 

Peace, Love and Skate! 

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Rebecca Leccacorvi

Trainee Course Instructor

My name’s Rebecca Leccacorvi, I’m 28 and I’ve been skating for the last 3 years.

The first time I ever stepped foot on a board was at Rush skatepark in Stroud. I got persuaded to try and drop in on their mini mini-ramp.. Safe to say I took some pretty gnarly slams but they got me hooked. From that day on my love for skating has only grown and grown. 

Normally if I’m not good at something straight away, I give it up and don’t bother but with skating it’s different. Skating pushes me both mentally and physically and I think that’s why it’s different from other sports. For the most part, skating is believing that you can do it. Confidence is key and with the right support and plenty of patience, anyone can become a skateboarder. 

My journey has taken me to some amazing places, I’ve skated across Europe, most of the South West of England and plan to do the rest in good time! I’ve met some of the most interesting, inspiring people and I’ve been lucky enough to find something that feels like home no matter where I am at the same time.

It can be scary walking into a park when you feel like you have no idea so being a skate coach is giving me the chance to be who I needed when I began skating. Remember, just cuz you haven’t got the highest ollie or the biggest flip it doesn’t mean you’re not a skateboarder... It’s all about progressing in your own time and in your own way. So as long as you’re having a great time, with a smile on your face and a board beneath your feet then you have what it takes!


Jayd Page

Trainee Course Instructor

Jayd is from Ascot and has a father who has been around skateboarding for longer than most and she loves skateboarding just as much as him


Cullen Green

Trainee Course Instructor

Age: 19

From: born in Limerick, grew up in South Africa and live in Coleraine Northern Ireland

Started skating: 2011

Influences: Rodney Mullen(of course), Boo Johnston, Neen Williams and Manny Santiago
Rodney being one of the fathers of skateboarding and the rest just because of how much fun they have as skateboarders

Rational: I’ve always tried everything that comes my way and in my whole life I’ve never been a part of something like skateboarding, you can be anything you like or come from anywhere or look a certain way, but you could go to skatepark and meet awesome people! Most accepting people in the world anywhere you go.

Comps and awards:
2012 Langebaan king of the park beginners Gold in April and December jam
2013 Langebaan king of the park beginners gold in April and December
2014 Langebaan king of the park intermediate gold in April and December
2015 Langebaan grand slam 3rd place and a wildcard to take park in Kimberley Diamond cup
2015 Travelled and took part in KDC(Kimberley diamond cup)in my age category were pros travelled to from around the world

Background: moved to South Africa at a young age and lived in Langebaan (near Cape Town) where they built a huge concrete skatepark that became more of my home than real home.
During the time of moving and finishing school I lost skateboarding and I was living with something missing in my life and thank God I found my skateboard again because it’s the only thing for me.

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Jared Purvis

Trainee Course Instructor


Age: 26

Hometown: Comber, Northern Ireland

Started skating at 10 years old

Stance: Goofy

Favourite Trick: Slob plant on coping

Style: Transition/Park, Slipping and Sliding

Favourite skaters: Evan Smith, Mike Vallely, Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Bob Burnquist, Too many to list…..!

Hi folks,     

Let's start at the beginning, 10 years old my older cousin showed me how  to coffin (lie down) on a board down a hill and from that day this has been a defining memory.

With the newfound bug for skating, my friends and I in the streets before the times of public skateparks were hunting for smooth ground and trying to perfect that seemingly impossible ollie through a lot of painful repetition with the only help from blury and pixely YouTube videos and tony hawks playstation games of course!!!!!

Following this through a chance encounter I was introduced to a youth club with ramps and rails and most importantly a community of skaters in the next town over. From here on I was hooked throwing myself off every new thing in sight and gleaming as much knowledge as possible from the older skaters.

Through this youth club we got to have a skate trip to Barcelona through Ards & North Down Area Youth Service and this opened my eyes further to the creativity and variety skateboarding had to offer.

Having a taste I started visiting as many different places I could with my board, Dublin, Barcelona various times, London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Lastly skating kept me sane through my time at university, then I took a different route and trained at Tollymore National Outdoor Centre learning/qualifying to coach various outdoor activities safely , thus lighting my fire for imparting my passion onto others.

To finish up, I love skateboarding for improving self-confidence, building friendships for life and most of all improving determination/creative thinking. , I am going to Leeds on the 18th June to complete my Skateboard GB coach qualification because I want to help people to progress further and faster than I ever did without proper coaching so that the sport can continue to progress and inspire for many years to come.

Cheers, Jared



Martin Loder

Trainee Course Instructor

Age: 45


From: Surrey

Skating since: 1988

Favourite skaters: Kris Markovich, Frankie Hill, Sean Sheffey, Daewon Song

Favourite skate film: Hokus Pocus


I am mainly a street skater, however I’ve been trying to improve my ramp skills lately.

What I love about skateboarding is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

It encourages creativity, whilst also allowing you to build confidence in yourself that you can apply to all areas of life. I enjoy seeing people that are new to skateboarding build confidence and push themselves outside their comfort zone, and also those that return to skateboarding after a break and rediscover the enjoyment they once experienced.

My daughters have recently started skateboarding and my wish is that they’re able to get as much from it as I have.

There is no other sport quite like it!

Guest Skateboard Coaches


Rebecca Aimee Davis

Skateboard Coach

Tic Tac's First Guest Coach

Bringing her unique style and coaching methods to all the students, she has been great!

Rebecca has been coming and filling the guest slot for some time now and fair play to her she has to drive 4 hours to get to Ascot but that never stops her, she loves it here and the hype the kids have for her and learning is always something she enjoys.
Rebecca is such an inspiration to many and that's why we love having her at Tic Tac!