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Our incredible team is truly the heart of Tic-Tac Skate School. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about our team.

We consider ourselves family

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Tom Johnston

The Captain

Tom Johnston has been skateboarding since he was 11 years old. He built his first ramp at 12 and continued to follow his passion all the way through his life.

Tom has been skating for more than 30 years. Back in the day he was sponsored by The Hideaway Skateshop in Coleraine where he was flowed Ipath shoes, boards and clothes.

Tom helped build the ramps for the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony, the Gumball Rally, Nass Festival as well as Rush Skatepark in Stroud with several different ramp building companies.

He then moved onto building concrete skateparks for 5 years with Wheelscape, where he tavelled all over the UK and even to Israel and Norway.

Even when everyone said to leave skateboarding and go and do something worthwhile, he never gave up believing in skateboarding, and it shows in his way of coaching.

Tom came up with the idea of Tic Tac Skate School as a way of helping maintain positivity in his own mental health. He found that teaching his girlfriend’s daughter to skate, he could get outdoors and being around skating again helped to combat his anxiety problems.

Just read the recommendations on the Facebook page to see for yourself how much he has helped skaters both young and old.


Liam Danish Palmer

Skate Course Instructor

Danish has been with Tic-Tac Skate School from the very begining.
Liam Danish Palmer
Aged 31
Skated since I was 13
Sponsored by pariah skateboards
Favourite skaters:
Simon Turton 
Snir Kovshi 
Tiago Lemos
Daewon Song
Why skateboarding? I love to skateboard, to push myself and others beyond what I and we sometimes believe to be possible. It helps to relieve my life stresses and strains and gives me something to focus on other than the everyday. I love the joy and creativity, I love that you can just be you, you do what you want, how you want and where you want, I love the community, I love the journey it has taken me on and I look forward to the journey that is still to come, I love to meet and skate with everybody that shares the same passion up and down the country and across the world, I love to get at my pals and get out to the parks and the streets and either chill or skate as hard as I can, but most of all, I love to just get out on those 4 wheels, get hyped, learn, progress and smile.


Joe Saunders

Freestyle Skate Course Instructor

We’re happy to welcome Joe Saunders as the Freestyle facilitator to our team. As our Freestyle Skate Course Instructor, Joe is committed to providing students with the skills and tools necessary to continue their learning journey on many different levels.


Matt Davey

Skate Course Instructor

Name: Matt Davey
Age: 44
From: Cornwall but live in Hastings, East Sussex area.
Started skating: 1988
Influences: Joe “The Pro” Sandland, Danny Way, Omar Hassan, anyone that gets fun & enjoyment out of skating.
Rational: I skate because I love it and by default anyone that skates in my mind is a good, decent and open minded person until they proof to me other wise.
Comps & Awards: Winner Masters Red Bull, Battle of Hastings 2014; 3rd Monster, Battle of Hastings Masters, Hastings Sports Personality of the Year 2010.  I have since 2002 organised skate comps in Hastings under various names , Battle of Hastings, Beachy Shred etc

Background: Professional youth worker for 20 years and I used to teach skating to Looked After Children, Home Educated young people, hard to reach young people. Originally in 1999 I got a job teaching skateboarding on at the local FE College in Hastings and have 20 years experience. Now thanks to Skateboard England I ‘m a qualified skateboard instructor. I hope to pass on my passion to anyone willing to try skateboarding...


Stacey Wallis

Skate Instructor

Age 35

Skated since I was 12.

Originally from Manchester live in North Devon.I have always loved skating and the freedom that it gives me. I love to help people get into skateboarding help them learn new things I feel like it’s all about giving back what you know to help others.  It’s good to remember you don’t always have to be the best at what you do it’s about having the passion and doing it.

I run a yearly skate jam that raises money for mental health awareness and for skate projects in the North Devon

I also run twisted lemon skateboards which offers 10% of profits back into skateboarding Industry 

I also work with a all girls group Wave Wahines CIC 

I’m also a hairdresser by trade



Skate Course Instructor

Karl is 55 year old veteran with a wealth of experience who has been skating since 1976. He has seen many changes a in the skate scene over the years and has always maintained his love of skating. These days his skating is mostly bowls and transition based in a bid reduce injury and extend his skating career  as long as possible. Karl recently found a new way to enjoy skating when teaching his daughter and some friends how to skate. He  decided to take the Skateboard England coaching course so he could pass on his love of the sport to others of all ages.
Karl feels  " Skating is a sport with no winners no losers and no cheating,  it's just all about pushing yourself and each other, I can't ever imagine my life without skating in it , teaching is a great way to stay involved" .



Lionel the First Aid Frenchie

Lionel is and will be always a part of Tic Tac Skate School


Guest Skateboard Coaches


Rebecca Aimee Davis

Skateboard Coach


Tic Tac's First Guest Coach

Bringing her unique style and coaching methods to all the students, she has been great!

Rebecca has been coming and filling the guest slot for some time now and fair play to her she has to drive 4 hours to get to Ascot but that never stops her, she loves it here and the hype the kids have for her and learning is always something she enjoys.
Rebecca is such an inspiration to many and that's why we love having her at Tic Tac!

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