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Recommendations from the Parents and Skaters of TIC TAC SKATE SCHOOL

Hear it from the Source


As an adult wanting to start skateboarding I had the following worries:

- How do I get started?
- Do I belong at the skate park?
- Youtube videos make it look easy, why is it not easy for me?
- Is my board set up right?

The result was my board sat gathering dust for a year 😔

After my first lesson with Tom:

🛹 I am having fun.
🛹 I am learning the basic skills.
🛹 I am building confidence on my board
🛹 I do belong at the skate park
🛹 And I am having fun.

Thank you Tom!!



Tom is an amazing coach! And has introduced techniques and a mind set which has transformed my approach to skateboarding. He has really boosted my confidence. I learned so much in the space of the hour 1-1 I had with him. Highly recommend Tic Tac Skateschool and look forward to the next sesh! Can't thank you enough! Left feeling on top of the world 😁


TIC TAC May 5th-33_edited.jpg

Teddy has joined Tic Tac Skate School & is absolutely loving it. He has always wanted to Skateboard but has not been confident enough. Tom has been great in giving Teddy that confidence & belief in himself. Tom is a very funny & approachable person who is passionate about teaching his skills, knowledge & experience to all the kids in a safe environment. Would highly recommend Tic Tac Skate School.



Six lessons ago I didn’t even know the front from the back end of a board. Not only has Tom taught myself and the rest of the silver surfers how to set up our boards, we’ve learnt park etiquette, made new friends and got us feeling we can turn up at any park and have a go.
The shortness of time in which we’ve gone from raw beginners to being comfortable skating round the park is testament to just how good Toms coaching is. His enthusiasm is infectious and coaching techniques keep the smiles firmly planted on your face.
Could not recommended highly enough!



Tom is a fantastic teacher and so patient with the kids. He always gives great encouragement and supports the children in helping them to progress. He’s even managed to get me on skateboard! My son started 4 weeks ago having never really been on a skateboard and now he’s flying down ramps and dropping in on the quarter pipe. He would never have done this without Tom. I love spending time with my son, doing something active and outdoors. Tic Tac and Tom ROCK!!!! ❤️🛹❤️


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