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Tic-Tac Skate School Ambassadors

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Who We Are


Skater / Artist / Mentor

I started skating with Tic-Tac in September 2019 after putting off trying for so many years. Before I started skating with Tic-Tac I was really nervous to start skating and I didn't want to get in the way of other skaters at the park so I would always go at times when I knew it was going to be empty. When I started skating with the Tic-Tac girls group up at Bay 66 I felt less nervous and I made some really great friends. Skating always makes my day better and I have met some really amazing people because of it. Skating helps me with my mental health as well as my confidence and teaches me not to give up on things if I can't do it first try. Always here to help other people, whether it's with skating or they just need a chat! 

- Nic 

Ben Russell

Mentor / Family man

Been skating since about Oct 2019, a week after my daughter said she’d like to learn. It didn’t take long for me to get bitten by the bug! Followed a fair few videos online on the basics, and started skating just up and down some local flat ground. Knew I needed to gain some structured lessons to progress, but didn’t find anything local. Stumbled upon Tic Tac Skate School silver surfers group, and despite the 140 mile round trip, I decided to take up lessons at Skaterham. Just meeting, skating and getting to know some older skaters has been a massive boost for me. Mentally and physically, skating is helping me a lot. Being scared to go to the local skatepark, through fear of looking like a fool, the old git in pads, and also worrying about getting in the way, being part of the TicTac clan has been a real boost. Still a long way to go, and fun times to be had!

Morgan Gleave

Ambassador / Designer

Aged 50
Skated since I was 14
Favourite skaters:
Rodney Mullen
Steve Caballero
Terry Synott
Mark Gonzales 

I’ve skated on and off since I was 14, mainly skating street during the 80s. I’ve always loved the creativity and culture of skating, and did a skateboard company project whilst at college studying design in the 80s.

Picked up skating again at 40, and started learning all over again, slamming hard on a ten foot ramp on my 40th birthday!

Fast forward to last year, just about to turn 50, and recovering from a really bad breakdown. Hadn’t skated for quite a while. I’d given up a job in healthcare, and didn’t know what to do... So, I started learning freestyle after seeing a video on YouTube. I was hooked, and skated almost every day... it really helped with my mental health and self esteem, plus I was getting fit!

This year has been amazing... I now skate every day, mostly freestyle, and have got TONS better at skating (I never used to be that good...). I’ve won competitions, gained masses of fans and friends from all over the world, and am part of an amazing community that cares about each other and supports each other, not just skating! I make comics for a living, and now I make skateboard art and graphics too! 

I’m very proud to be part of the Tic Tac family... I create artwork for them, and the support I get from Tom and the crew is amazing. My progression as a skater and a person has been incredible, and a lot of that is down to Tic Tac... 

Don’t be afraid to pick up a board, no matter what your age. I started again at 50, and skate every day, skating better than I ever have. Be radical and be yourself!

Luci Lee

International Ambassador / Hard working

I’m Luci, I’m 34 years young and I started skateboarding one year ago. Initially, I just wanted to pick up a hobby that was active and got me outdoors. To err on the side of caution I decided to do some lessons with Tic Tac and I am so glad I did. The lessons really started me off on the right foot (I do actually ride goofy, no pun intended!) and gave me a huge confidence boost and advice I still apply today.
I didn’t realise how I would instantly love not just the activity itself, but the community that comes with skateboarding. Not only is skateboarding great physical exercise for the body, but is also so good for mental health. I feel amazing during and after any skate sesh - it's just guaranteed to pick your mood up. I have made lifelong friends which I am so grateful for. I recently moved to Hong Kong from the UK – a move to a new city, country or continent is a big change for anyone to deal with. However, some of the first good friends I have made here was through skateboarding – it’s a community that provides never ending support and is so uplifting – no matter what background each individual brings. We all come together for the love of skateboarding, end of. That is a lesson that everyone can learn – no matter who you are we can all come together and support each other. That’s what skateboarding means to me and a message it will continue to spread even after I can’t physically skateboard any more. Thanks for reading! I’m off to the skatepark… Hope to see you there one day!

Peach Sorensen aka Blondemohawk

Be who you ARE / Positive Role Model

My name is Peach, and I'm a skater from Sandefjord, Norway whose goal is to show that skateboarding is for everyone, that it can be anything you want. I want to show that there's room for femininity and sensitivity, and inspire others the way others inspire me, but maybe more than anything, have fun! I started skating in 2006, when I was 13 years old, after playing the Tony Hawk video games a bit too much. For several years I skated nothing but flatground and freestyle, and I guess you could say it has influenced my skating quite a bit even to this day, though I really like to get creative in the streets. In 2014 I stopped skating pretty much entirely for a few years when it turned out I got permanent tinnitus and hyperacusis after a concert. I used to struggle with it a lot mentally, but on Go Skateboarding Day in 2017, one of my best friends, Olli Fevang, took me out skating, and I decided "screw it" and never looked back. At one point I realized I'd rather be tired from the ringing in my ears than the thoughts and fixation surrounding it. Thanks to the encouragement of Olli and our old friend, Joe Moore, I created an Instagram account that they would then boost start for me. Sharing clips kept me motivated, and eventually also lead to me outing myself as trans after a video of me skating in heels and a costume went viral. After that, I kept posting tricks, having fun and expressing myself with a new found love for skateboarding and myself. I'm incredibly thankful for the places skateboarding has taken me, all the joy it has given me, and I've had the pleasure of releasing a video part with Cher Strauberry, skate in high fashion heels from United Nude, and go on tour with B:Aurora Skateboards amongst other things. I love emo music, fashion, video games and dressing up as my alter ego, Cherry the Lioness, and I love to mix it all with skateboarding. With skateboarding as with all these things, I think one of the greatest things about it is that you don't have to know anything about it to enjoy it.

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